Web copy for improved engagement and SEO

Web copy – SEO content with optimal UX

With a site re-skin due to coincide with Aspiring Solicitors’ 10th anniversary, I was engaged to rewrite the web copy across the brand’s site. The objectives were to ensure consistency of voice, and to finesse the style to be more concise and professional, in order to increase engagement. I was also tasked with improving SEO, to help drive greater membership numbers.

Aspiring Solicitors is a leading diversity platform supporting students from non-traditional backgrounds and under-represented groups into the legal profession. The organisation offers its members work experience placements, coaching opportunities, mentoring programmes, diversity events, access to professional ambassadors, and an annual commercial awareness competition, all designed to help them secure a trainee solicitor position.

Balancing the needs of two audiences
With over 70,000 student and graduate members and 70+ partners including leading law firms and high profile organisations, it was critical that the web copy would speak to both audiences. The key to balancing this was to create a voice that was unquestionably slick, professional and intelligent, without using heavily sector-specific terminology or long, complex sentence structures.

Working to a detailed brief which outlined all the useful background, included keywords (with the most important indicated clearly), and provided web page mock-ups and wordcounts, I wrote all the copy to fit the required formats and wordcounts, to ensure the most seamless upload process would be possible. In addition, I wrote meta-descriptions for each page, optimised with keywords.

Quick, clean SEO web copy
In all I wrote 22 pages of web copy, of varying lengths, with a total project wordcount of around 5,500, in just under three and a half days (including one round of changes, although there were relatively few). I was delighted to receive such positive feedback from the client, both on my speedy turnaround and the quality of the web copy I had provided.

Rebecca was wonderful to work alongside. She re-wrote the content for our new website working to the strict word count and legal and DE&I keywords provided. We were delighted with the copy she produced for us. What’s more, her communication throughout was seamless.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Rebecca and valued her hard work, expertise and finesse on the project. We will definitely come to Rebecca for future projects and would highly recommend her to brands and agencies alike. 

Sarah Harden, Head of Brand and Marketing, Aspiring Solicitors